Hot Stamp Decoration Method
The Hot Stamp method of decoration - one of the industry's most traditional - is used for Business Accessories and Calendars.

Standard Foil Colors and their closest PMS match:



Brown, Bison - PMS 439C 

Gold, Metallic

Purple - PMS 2587C

Blue - PMS 2728C

Brown, Dark - PMS 4625C

Green, Dark - PMS 357C 

Red, Dark - PMS 188C 

Blue, Dark - PMS 534C

Brown, Light - PMS 4635C

Green, Light - PMS 356C

Red, Light - PMS 1805C

Blue, Navy - PMS 289C*

Burgundy - PMS 195C

Ivory - PMS 1205C

Silver, Metallic

Blue, Process

Burgundy , Dark - PMS 504C*

Orange - PMS 179C


Brown - PMS 476C

Gray - PMS 431C

Pink - PMS 673C

Yellow - PMS 124C




Yellow, Light - PMS 115C

* Not available on calendars




Hot Stamp Charges

* Second imprint location: Same as additional color run charge (see catalog listings)
* Oversize dies: For imprints larger than the imprint size indicated for each item, contact customer service for availability and pricing.