Embroidery Decoration Method
Classic embroidery adds impact to your advertising message on Bags, Totes, and Headwear.

Embroidery Charges

  • Disk Charge: For Headwear - $70.00 (G) up 7,000 stitches, one location. All other it ems - $65.00 (G) up to 5,000 stitches, one location.
  • Stitches: Each additional 1,000 stitches, add $30.00 (G), plus $0.36 per item run charge.
  • Change of Thread Color: $25.00 (G) and catalog minimum per color apply. For oversized or excess embroidery, charges will be quoted.
  • Tape Change: $40.00 (G)

Embroidery Details

  • Colors: 9 colors maximum
  • Type Size: 20 points minimum
  • We offer standard MADEIRA thread colors. For faster delivery of product, please supply an uncondensed TAJIMA or PUNTO formatted disc, along with the color sequence of art and a "sew out" of the design.