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Lara Gryder awarded 2016 Supplier Rep of the Year from HPPA

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Mason, OH – March 3, 2017 – Lara Gryder awarded 2016 Supplier Rep of the Year from HPPA.

IMAGEN Brands is proud to congratulate Lara Gryder, Strategic Accounts Manager, for receiving the award of 2016 Supplier Rep of the Year from Houston Promotional Products Association. Lara has been active in the HPPA for several years now, while this year she is serving as President.

 “Lara is a fantastic President of HPPA. She is acknowledged by distributors, suppliers, and other HPPA members as the person who has done the best job of any rep in the South Texas area,” explains David DeGreeff, Executive Director with HPPA. “Lara did not win because of her volunteer work, but rather the excellence she has provided to those she has served as the IMAGEN Brands Texas representative. HPPA members are proud that her excellence has been rewarded with a new job with greater responsibilities. I personally think you are very blessed to have Lara representing IMAGEN Brands.”

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