Shipping Information
F.O.B. 63935:  We will ship best way, unless specified: UPS Ground or Air
Pallet charge $14.00 (G) palletizing charge per pallet. 
Drop Ship (per destination) $10.00 (G) for each additional location after the first.
Split Ship (per shipment)                                                         $10.00 (G) for each additional shipment after the first. Complete order must ship within 12 months after the first order is placed.
Future Shipments  May be shipped 15 days before shipping date requested unless order states "not before".
Truck Shipments Shipped pre-pay only.
Prepaid Truck Shipments $20.00 (G) service charge. Billed at estimated cost so supplemental billing may be necessary.
International Shipments Include declared value on your order. Duties, taxes, and fees are not included in our prices. If shipping to Canada on our account we will prepay these and bill you on your original invoice. All other international destinations will be billed separately within 60 days. Paperwork processing fee: $30.00 (G)